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Zion, UT


Site Leaders

Ellie Cowan

Meg Annamaneni

Type of Service


Site Partner(s)

National Park Service



Departure Date


Return Date






Site Leader Description #1

Hi! I’m Ellie Cowan, and I’m a 3rd year studying Economics and Public Policy. Last spring, I
went to Arches National Park in Moab, Utah with ASB. My trip was full of amazing people
that I wouldn’t have met if not for ASB and I would go back in a heartbeat! When I’m not in
class, I am involved with Lighting of the Lawn, Class Council, Office of Sustainability, and my
sorority. You may also catch me going on frequent coffee runs with Meg, running around
Grounds, or racking up Sabre points for basketball season! Already counting down the days
until Spring Break!

Site Leader Description #2

Hi! I am Meg Annamaneni and I’m a 3rd year studying Economics and Foreign Affairs. This
will be my first ASB experience, but I have been to Zion before and I can’t wait to go back. At
UVA, I’m involved with Women in Policy, Club Tennis, and Class Council. You can also find
me drinking boba, going to run club at CouCouRachou with Ellie, or watching tennis matches
at Boars Head. I can’t wait to meet you all :))


Trip Logistics

On March 2nd, we will be driving to DC and then flying to Las Vegas. Once we land, we will
rent 2 four-wheel drive vehicles and stay the night at a hotel near the Las Vegas airport. The
following day (March 3rd), we will make the three-hour drive to Watchman Campground (in
Zion National Park) and set up camp. From the 4th through 7th, we will be waking up early,
cooking breakfast, and packing lunches before meeting our site contact for a day of work.
After we finish service, we will have time to explore more parts of the park before returning to
our campsite for dinner, games and reflections. On the 8th, we have a free day to explore
the park. On Saturday, March 9th, we will drive back to Las Vegas and catch a plane back
home, and then drive back to Charlottesville so that you have all day Sunday before class

Participant Requirements

The only requirement is to come with a good attitude and an open mind! We will be tent
camping, so previous experience with camping is great but not required. We will also be
engaging in environmental service and hiking.

Service Activities

We will be helping out the park rangers with whatever tasks they have in store for us! Our
schedule is flexible and dependent on whatever projects the park service needs. We will
likely be engaging in environmental service, which may include removing invasive species,
clearing trails, etc.

Recreational Activities

On March 8th, we will have a free day where we will not be working with the park service.
We will spend this time exploring Zion by hiking and sightseeing, so if anyone has anything
particular they would like to do, we can definitely work it into the schedule. Zion has some of
the best hikes like The Narrows and Angel’s Landing that we hope to take advantage of!

Along with our free day, we will also have time after our work days to hike, explore, stargaze,
and/or hangout at the campsite and play some games.

Community/Area Background

Located in Washington, Iron, and Kane Counties in southwestern Utah, Zion National Park
encompasses some of the most scenic canyon country in the United States. The park is
characterized by high plateaus, a maze of narrow, deep, sandstone canyons, and striking
rock towers and mesas. Zion Canyon is the largest and most visited canyon in the park. The
North Fork of the Virgin River has carved a spectacular gorge here, with canyon walls rising
2,000 to 3,000 feet above the canyon floor. The southern portion of the park is a low desert
area, with colorful mesas bordered by rocky canyons and washes. The northern sections of
the park are characterized by high plateaus covered by forests.

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