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spring speaker series

Youth Rebuilding New Orleans (YRNO)


YRNO is a New Orleans non-profit created by youth for youth, in response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. YRNO purchases blighted homes, employs opportunity youth to supervise youth in the homes’ renovation, and sells the constructed homes to teachers at a significant discount in exchange for their continued service to the educational system. Youth outcomes include high quality job training, career readiness, and economic self sufficiency.


Prince Holmes, Executive Director of YRNO, will explain how YRNO integrates social justice, financial literacy and job readiness, along with mental health awareness, into its programs, rebuilding projects and daily operations. 

Climate Collaborative 

Leadership from the Ground Up: How Can Charlottesville Meet Its Ambitious Climate Goals?


With less than ten years to meet our climate goals, swift action is needed —  on the individual and collective level. Susan Kruse, Executive Director of the Community Climate Collaborative, will talk about how we envision reaching these goals and provide local examples of success. The Community Climate Collaborative was founded in 2017 to bring communities together to lead on climate. C3 works with residents, businesses, and local governments to develop climate action plans and equitable policies which accelerate action.


Cheyenne River Youth Project (CRYP)


Poverty has a profound effect on family structure and self-esteem, which contributes to a variety of social ills. Established in 1988 in Eagle Butte, South Dakota, the nonprofit Cheyenne River Youth Project is an essential community development organization on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation. They are from Cheyenne River for Cheyenne River — an authentic grassroots initiative designed to meet the specific needs of the community through innovative youth programming, vital family services, and educational public events and activities.  

Located in one of the nation’s five poorest counties, CRYP serves the community by offering safe and healthy spaces, fostering healthy choices and life practices, strengthening connections to Lakota culture, teaching valuable job and life skills, and creating opportunities for a more vibrant and secure future.

Dates and information


Session 1: Housing Services 

March 18th (5-6 pm)

Addressing Housing Inequity through Youth Engagement  

Youth Rebuilding New Orleans (YRNO), Prince Holmes 

Zoom link:

Password: ASB


Session 2: Environmental Services 

March 24th (5-6 pm)

Climate Action and Energy Equity in Central Virginia 

Climate Collaborative, Susan Kruse


Password: ASB


Session 3: Human Services

April 1st (7-8 pm)

Empowering Youth on Reservations

Cheyenne River Youth Project (Eagle Butte, SD), Jerica Widow


password: ASB

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