Wilmington, NC


Site Leaders

Hailey Robbins

Claire Armstrong

Type of Service


Site Partner(s)

Cape Fear Habitat for Humanity

The Good Shepherd Center



Departure Date


Return Date






Site Leader Description #1

Hailey is a second-year from Londonderry, New Hampshire who is hoping to major in Leadership and Public Policy and English with a minor in Spanish. At UVA, she’s a proud member of the University Dance Club, where she choreographs and dances in several pieces per semester. She also serves as the Community Service and Outreach Chair for Second Year Council, is a member of One For the World at UVA, and is a part of Greek life. Hailey was a participant on the 2020 Wilmington ASB, and fell in love with Habitat for Humanity and its mission. She had an amazing experience meeting others on-site who worked with Habitat, and was inspired by how people from all over can come together to build a home. She’s so excited to return to Wilmington for the service, sun, and to blast country music as she drives through the streets.

Site Leader Description #2

Claire is a third-year from Abingdon, VA majoring in psychology! At UVA, she’s involved with ONSP (so much love for the famOLy), the LGBTQ+ Center, Indieheads, and the Inter-Sorority Council (she’s the sisterhood chair!). Claire fell in love with ASB on her trip to Point Reyes, CA during her first year. Her favorite part of ASB is meeting genuine people who care about serving and learning from others! She’s stoked to head to Wilmington to have a blast on-site and on the coast! :)


Trip Logistics

We will be staying in an AirBnB in gorgeous Wilmington, just a short drive from where our worksite will be! Since we’ll have a lovely kitchen, we will be taking turns making meals in pairs, as well as exploring some of the local restaurants. Each morning, we’ll get up and eat breakfast, then drive to the worksite, where we will spend most of our day. Habitat typically provides lunch (last year they brought us Bojangles Chicken and it was heavenly), so we will eat there. We will most likely finish up our day at the site between 2-3 PM. We will then head home, clean up, and take time to relax and explore Wilmington.

We will be driving down to Wilmington in two cars on Saturday, March 6th. It’s approximately a five hour drive, and when we get there, we’ll settle into our AirBnB, unpack, and can take some time to explore as well as grocery shop for the week. We’ll be driving back to Charlottesville on Saturday, March 13th, and will be there at the latest by Saturday evening.

Participant Requirements

There are no specific requirements for this trip, but we’d love to have fun, enthusiastic participants who are as psyched about service as we are! :)

Service Activities

We will be working with Cape Fear Habitat for Humanity, which serves the Wilmington area of North Carolina. Habitat focuses on building affordable housing for families, based on the idea of volunteers’ sweat equity. Four days of the week, we will head to worksites where we will aid in building houses in whatever capacity is needed. We could be doing anything from framing to adding in finishing touches and installing appliances. We may be working at different worksites throughout the week, depending on where they need our help! One day of the week we will head to The Good Shepherd Center, a homeless shelter dedicated to helping find sustainable solutions for the housing-insecure in Wilmington. We’ll take a tour of their facilities and aid in any way we can! Last year, we cleaned up their garden and planted some vegetables at their Veterans facility.

Recreational Activities

Wilmington is a gorgeous area with so much to do! Wrightsville Beach is a stone’s throw away from where we’ll be staying, so it’s always fun to head over there to toss a frisbee around or just enjoy the waves! UNC Wilmington is nearby, so there’s an opportunity to catch a baseball game. There are also some short hikes in the area as well, and exploring beautiful Downtown Wilmington with its cute shops and historic houses is a must! In addition, there is a mini golf course right around the corner, and Hailey is super competitive so get ready to be absolutely crushed (just kidding she’s really bad at mini golf, but still).

Community/Area Background

Wilmington, North Carolina is right outside the Cape Fear Coast and is a gorgeous area packed with history. There are many historic mansions, old stores and restaurants, and a beautiful boardwalk, but amid the ancient opulence, the city also has a large homeless population. That’s where Cape Fear Habitat for Humanity and The Good Shepherd come in: both organizations work to solve the housing issue in Wilmington in sustainable ways! The Good Shepherd was founded in 1983 as a soup kitchen, but has quickly grown into the largest provider of services for the homeless and housing-insecure in the Wilmington area. Not only do they focus with their day and night shelters on giving people safe places to stay and eat, but also on helping the homeless to find affordable housing, as well as providing them with healthcare and safety. Cape Fear Habitat for Humanity was founded in 1987, and has served over 200 families in helping to aid in the Wilmington affordable housing crisis. They rely on volunteers, like us, who can give sweat equity to help build homes for families in the region.