Sequoia & King's Canyon, CA

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Kyle Riopelle

Jack Smith T

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National Park Service



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Site Leader Description #1

Kyle Riopelle is a 3rd year from Richmond, Virginia, studying Political and Social Thought. He serves as the Philanthropy Chair of Phi Delta Theta, gives tours as part of the University Guide Service, and participates in Reformed University Fellowship. Kyle was a participant on the Guadalupe Mountains trip in 2019 along with Jack. He loves playing piano and guitar (while Jack sings along with his angelic voice), playing games like Avalon and Secret Hitler, and his single proudest accomplishment at UVA is winning the indoor soccer IM championship. ASB was one of the highlights of Kyle’s second year, and he cannot wait to spend a week in California exploring and serving the park service with a great group of participants!

Site Leader Description #2

Jack Smith T is a 2nd year from Birmingham, Alabama, studying civil engineering. He is a member of University Singers, participates in Reformed University Fellowship, and part of Phi Delta Theta. Jack went on the Guadalupe Mountains trip in 2019 and loves getting to explore national parks. He enjoys fly fishing, pickup basketball, ultimate frisbee, and The Office. He is incredibly excited for the trip to Sequoia and King's Canyon.

Trip Logistics

We will be camping inside the national park and work daily with park rangers and staff to help support the park in any way we can.
we will set off from Charlottesville the evening of March 6 and spend the night in Richmond. Then, we will wake up the next morning and fly out to Los Angeles. We will rent a van and drive to the park, buying food on the way that we will eat while in the park. We will leave the park on Saturday, March 14, fly back to Richmond, and hopefully drive back to Charlottesville if it's not too late!

Participant Requirements

No prior experience with the forms of work we will be doing is necessary. The most important thing is to be flexible and eager to do the work asked of us each day by the rangers.

Service Activities

Much of the work that we do will be contingent upon what the rangers need help with each day. This can include anything from trail maintenance and cleanup to office filing and organizing. Regardless, the service work that we do will allow us to see the park in a unique way that we would not get to experience it in as simply visitors.

Recreational Activities

Within the parks, there will be plenty of opportunities to take hikes and see the unique flora and fauna present. Most service work will conclude in the afternoon, leaving us with a few hours of free time each day. We might also have a free day to take a trip up and see Yosemite! Some of the sights to see include the General Sherman tree (the largest tree in earth) and the Great Western Divide.

Community/Area Background

Sequoia, founded in 1890, was the second national park ever created. King's Canyon was created in 1940 by absorbing a former national park and the valley for which it gained its name. These parks have incredible history and beautiful sights, including the massive sequoia tree that are thousands of years old. National Park all over the country are always in need of volunteers. The work that we will do in Sequoia and King's Canyon will help them prepare for the summer, where the number of visitors is understandably higher than the rest of the year.

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