Portland, OR


Site Leaders

Carly Thurman

Kelsey Lipscomb

Type of Service


Site Partner(s)

Portland Parks and Recreation



Departure Date


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Site Leader Description #1

Carly is a third year Mechanical Engineering major from Arlington, Virginia. She was a participant (with Kelsey!!!) in the ASB Nashville trip and enjoyed the trip so much that she decided to lead one. As well as her involvement in ASB, Carly also is active in Society of Women Engineers, Engineers Going Global, and Greek life. She loves spending time on the lawn with friends or screaming at any UVA sporting event and is often at Cookout. She can’t wait to meet ten awesome people and have a blast exploring Portland!

Site Leader Description #2

Kelsey is a fourth year from Virginia Beach, Virginia majoring in Psychology and minoring in Health & Well-being. She was given the opportunity to go to Nashville on an Alternative Spring Break trip last year where she met Carly! Along with ASB, Kelsey is involved in The Pinky Swear Program at UVA, and is a program director for Holiday Sharing through Madison House. When she isn’t studying on Clem 1, she can be found playing intramural soccer, climbing the rock wall in the Slaughter gym, or buying Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. She’s looking forward to traveling to the West Coast and seeing what work can be done in Portland, Oregon.


Trip Logistics

Our trip will begin Friday, March 5th with a short drive to Northern Virginia, where we will stay at Carly’s house for a fun bonding sleepover. On March 6th, we will fly into Portland International Airport then travel to the Hostel NW Portland, where we will be staying for the rest of the trip! We will have access to showers, WiFi, and a kitchen, along with other amenities. We will bring lunches to volunteering and cook dinners throughout the week, as well as experience real Portland meals. We will work with Portland Parks and Recreation throughout many of the city parks, with plenty of time allotted to explore Portland on our own! We plan on using a rental car as well as public transportation to explore the city. On the morning of Saturday, March 13, we will fly back to Northern Virginia, from which we will drive down to Charlottesville.

Participant Requirements

A key quality in participants is their attitude! Service trips are a great way to meet new people and explore new places! Portland Parks and Recreation is an Environmental group that requires us to wake up early (7 am ish) and work outdoors! It’s important to have a positive attitude and open mind for the week because there will be many new and fun experiences! Although we will be mostly outdoors (hiking, touring), no experience with these activities is necessary.

Service Activities

Throughout this trip, we will be working with Portland Parks and Recreation to do environmental service work. We will be focusing on trail maintenance, tree plantation, and any other park activity that needs our attention within the parks. Our days will be spent outside in various trail locations throughout the city. We will be exposed to a vast array of wildlife, fun facts, and interesting Portlanders!

Recreational Activities

While in Portland, we plan to explore the city to see its artistic and creative aspects while exposing ourselves to the culture through shopping and dining. We also will be making trips to the Japanese Rose Gardens, Multnomah Falls, Mount Hood, Cannon Beach, and the Oregon Zoo. We will wrap up each day with good food and even better company.

Community/Area Background

Portland, Oregon is a very popular location on the West Coast. It is well known for its natural beauty and artistic expression. It is close to the Oregon coast, as well as to many famous waterfalls and lakes. Because of the variety of activities Portland has to offer, it is ranked as the 10th Best Big City in the US and it is ranked the 28th largest city in the country! Portland is one of two cities in the US to have a dormant volcano (Mount Hood) within city limits- which we intend to visit! Because Portland is known so well for its wildlife, there is always work and upkeep to be done.