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Portland, OR


Site Leaders

Sarah Whiteside

Victoria Thompson

Type of Service


Site Partner(s)

Portland Parks and Recreation



Departure Date


Return Date






Site Leader Description #1

Sarah Whiteside is a fourth year Global Public Health and Biology major from Alexandria, VA. She has been a part of ASB since her first year and is super excited to lead the trip to Portland with Victoria this year! Sarah is also active in the All Girls Stem Society and the Center for Global Health! When she’s not studying on Clem 4 or Starbucks, you can find her running through grounds, asking people to pet their dogs, or watching the latest rom-com on Netflix!

Site Leader Description #2

Victoria is a third year Environmental Science major from Clarksville, MD. She has been a part of ASB since she was a first year, going on COVID-era volunteering opportunities and working on Exec as the Webmaster. As well as her involvement in ASB, Victoria also is active in Women in STEM, the Washington Society, and the Outdoors Club. She loves spending time outdoors and doing any kind of arts and crafts. You can often find her hammocking near the lawn, eating El Tako Nako, or practicing way too hard for her IM soccer team.


Trip Logistics

Our trip will begin Friday, March 4th with a short drive to Northern Virginia, where we will stay at Sarah’s house for a fun bonding sleepover. On March 5th, we will drive to Dulles and fly into Portland International Airport. We will then journey to Grace Church, where we will be staying for the rest of the trip! We will have access to showers, WiFi, and a kitchen, along with other amenities. We will bring lunches to our volunteer sites and cook dinners throughout the week, as well as have a couple dinners out in Portland. We will work with Portland Parks and Recreation throughout many of the city parks, with plenty of time allotted to explore Portland on our own! We plan on using a rental car as well as public transportation to explore the city. On the morning of Saturday, March 11, we will fly back to Northern Virginia, from which we will drive down to Charlottesville.

Participant Requirements

There are no specific requirements for participants- all are welcome! However, we ask that participants in this trip are prepared for lots of activity and have a positive attitude. Portland Parks and Recreation is an Environmental group that requires us to wake up early (7 am ish) and work outdoors, so having a good mentality about that is important! We will be mostly outdoors (hiking, touring, working), but no experience with these activities is necessary. As long as you have a desire to explore and a love for service, we would be thrilled to have you on our trip!

Service Activities

Throughout this trip, we will be working with Portland Parks and Recreation to do environmental service work. We will be focusing on trail maintenance, tree planting, and any other park activity that needs our attention. We will serve as a source of manpower for Portland Parks and Recreation and will perform tasks as needed. Our days will be spent outside in various trail locations throughout the city.

Recreational Activities

While in Portland, we plan to explore downtown Portland,the Japanese Rose Gardens, Multnomah Falls, Mount Hood, Cannon Beach, and enjoy some local cuisine. We also plan to take a trip to Mt. Rainier and Seattle where we hope to visit the Space Needle (and maybe the original Starbucks). Overall, our goal is to get a taste of Portland and make core memories along the way!

Community/Area Background

Portland, Oregon is a very popular location on the West Coast. It is well known for the way it combines natural wonders with artistic urban structures. Located near the Oregon coast and settled between various famous waterfalls and lakes, Portland is chock-full of activities. Portland is one of two cities in the US to have a dormant volcano (Mount Hood) within city limits! Portland is well known for its wildlife and natural regions, which we are very lucky to be working in during this trip.

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