Moab, UT


Site Leaders

Ella Thomas

Morgan Butler

Type of Service


Site Partner(s)

National Parks Service



Departure Date


Return Date






Site Leader Description #1

Howdy Folks! I’m Ella and I'm a third year studying Art History and Chemistry. This will be my third year as a part of ASB and my first as a site leader! Morgan and I met on our trip to Sequoia national park and even though we may have gotten a bit too competitive during our games of mafia or secret hitler, we are soooo excited to be leading this trip to moab. A few things about me: I'm terrible at cooking steak, however I make some mean s’mores, I have 3 containers of parmesan cheese open at all times and my car’s name is vanessa. Anywho... this trip is gonna be one for the books for sure and can’t wait to meet all of our future asb participants!!!! Wooooooo!!

Site Leader Description #2

Hi y’all! My name is Morgan and I am a second year from Richmond, Va. hoping to study Anthropology. Last year, I went on the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park trip where I met and cooked up the best stir fry with Ella. Some things that bring me joy are hiking, telling/listening to funny stories, playing the horn in the marching band, and cooking up something creative. I am super excited for this trip! It’s going to be a great week!


Trip Logistics

We will be flying out of Richmond early on the morning of the 6th to Salt Lake City. Once we land we will rent a van and drive over to Moab and stop for groceries on the way. Once we arrive we will set up camp and cook dinner. On the 7th we will have a day to explore and do some awesome hikes before our work week begins on the 8th. From the 8th to the 11th we will be waking up early, cooking breakfast and packing lunches before meeting our site contact for a day of work. We will be working from the morning to the early afternoon and hopefully have some time after work to explore more parts of the park before we return to our campsite for dinner, games and reflections. On the 12th, we will have another free day which will be spent exploring Canyonlands Park, another beautiful park near Moab. Then we will drive to the town of Moab and grab dinner out before returning back to our site to pack up and do our last reflection. Then on the 13th we will drive back to salt lake city and catch another plane back to Richmond and then we drive back to Charlottesville.

Participant Requirements

There are no specific requirements for the trip. We will be camping but no previous experience is needed. Just come with an open mind to do whatever the park rangers ask!

Service Activities

We will be helping out the vegetation team on any projects they have in Arches National Park. Throughout the week, our schedule will be flexible and dependent on whatever projects the park service has for us!

Recreational Activities

For the days of the 7th and the 12th we will have free days where we will not be working with the parks service and will get to explore the park of moab as well as Canyonlands National Park, if that is something we decide as a group we would like to do. During these days we will likely just be hiking and sightseeing, so if anyone has anything particular they would like to do we can definitely try to work it into the schedule. Along with the free days we will also have time after our work days to hopefully get a hike in or explore a little more. We don’t have set hikes yet and were planning on asking our site contact and other people at the park for their recommendations.

Community/Area Background

Moab has been a crown jewel of american natural history since it was founded in 1961 when Steward Udall, Secretary of the Interior at the time, flew over it for the first time and demanded it become a National Park. This park is a popular spot for park goers of all kinds including hikers, mountain bikers, rock climbers and many more, including Alternative Spring Break Trips just like this one. The assortment of rock formations and wildlife are extremely fascinating and some are very specific to this area of the country. Fun fact: Moab has been used as a film site for many popular movies and TV shows such as Indiana Jones, Mission Impossible as well as the TV Show WestWorld.