Moab, UT

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Alex Moss

Zoe Komodromos

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National Parks Service



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Site Leader Description #1

Hey guys, it's Alex! Look, I'm half-Canadian. I can make a s'more with chocolate melted inside the 'mello. I once set up a tent with only my pinky and index toes. Most importantly, I can collect a pile of fire wood faster than Zoe can name every player on the Patriots. At school, I am a second-year in the college from Richmond, VA currently studying statistics. Apart from ASB, I work with "Fill the Hill," a marketing club for the football team, and the Social Entrepreneurial for Economic Development group on grounds. During my first year, I had a brief stint as a D1 athlete on the frisbee team, joined the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, and went on ASB to San Fransisco. My favorite hobbies include telling Zoe she probably shouldn't do something and then later asking Zoe why she did it anyway. I have been a camp counselor for the past few summers, leading canoe trips lasting 3 to 23 days. Guys, I know nature. Overall, I am super excited to head out to Moab this spring break and have an unreal trip!

Site Leader Description #2

Hey fam, it's Zoe! I am a second-year student from Boston, MA and I am so excited to go to Moab, it's going to be insane. Last year, I went to St. Croix with ASB and I am so hype for this year even though Alex, annoying, is tagging along. I have been a camp counselor and lifeguard for the past few years so I can build a NASTY fire and provide very limited first aid that pretty much equates to common sense but that! is! okay! Some of my favorite hobbies include: hanging out with my brothers of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity and mixing with Alex's sorority, Pi Beta Phi, worshiping Tom Brady and defending the pats until I die, getting into political arguments with frat boys and my dad's friends (aspiring public policy major), running away from my friends with no warning, and explaining to Alex Moss how I am better than him always. Anyways!!! Come to Moab with us to help the planet out and have best time of your entire life guaranteed.

Trip Logistics

We are going to be camping in the Canyon Wren region of Moab National Park at Devil’s Garden Camp Ground. We will not be far from a grocery store, and will rent a 12-person van (oh yeah, you read that right) to travel to and from the town of Moab for food when needed and for shopping and exploring when wanted. We will be cooking the majority of our meals and packing sandwiches for longer days of service and hikes. We will be working day-to-day with the National Parks Service in the morning and exploring the beautiful park and region in the afternoons. We will arrive in Salt Lake City on Saturday March 6th and drive to MOAB and set up base camp later that day.
We are super open to trying locally recommended hikes and also trailblazing unique experiences. As for service, the National Parks Service is said to be an extremely rewarding organization for its unparalleled variety of opportunities to help preserve the wonders of our planet.

Participant Requirements

There are no specific participation requirements but we do say that participants should be ready to sleep in a tent and go on some seriously cool hikes. Ability to cook over a camp fire or stove is super welcomed but not required!!

Service Activities

As the national parks service is constantly in need of improvement, we will be working day-to-day with a direct contact for ongoing projects and much needed daily park maintenance. The work will be somewhat physically demanding, but it will include great exercise and views!

Recreational Activities

There are a variety of “must-do” hikes while in Moab, so the majority of our afternoons will be spent racing to see all that we can in both Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park (both considered to be in Moab). The town itself is also known to have a unique vibe, so we will certainly drive into town for shopping and exploring. Finally, there is a thrilling half-day white water trip through the region that will be an absolute blast and a total change of scenery!

Community/Area Background

In 1961, Secretary of the Interior Stewart Udall flew over the Canyonlands region of MOAB in a plane and was so overwhelmed by the view that once he touched down he demanded that it be named a new national park. For decades, the region has been a popular destination for mountain bikers, climbers, hikers and all lovers of the outdoors. There is a fascinating assortment of wildlife, and the park is of incredible importance for geological research. But what you may not know is that Moab is just as much of a destination for the camper as it is for the movie star. Movies series like Indiana Jones, Mission Impossible, and Star Trek have all filmed scenes here, as well as the popular TV show Westworld.

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