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Joshua Tree, CA


Site Leaders

Maeve Englehart

Lucy Resar

Type of Service


Site Partner(s)

National Park Service



Departure Date


Return Date






Site Leader Description #1

Hi! I am Maeve Englehart. I am a 3rd year, studying Psychology and American Sign Language. I am from McLean, Virginia. Lucy and I had an amazing time at Anza Borrego Desert last year and can’t wait to lead a trip of our own! Outside of ASB I’m on club swim, volunteer for madison house at the hospital, I am a part of Survivor at UVA (like the reality tv show but a much poorer budget, not on an island, and a cast full of undergrads), I am also in PhiDE, the pre medical fraternity, and I lifeguard at the AFC. I absolutely love hiking (my favorite hike is Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park), reading, sitcoms, baking, and making truly terrible, yet wonderful, dad jokes. I can’t wait to meet everyone and make them show me pictures of their pets!!

Site Leader Description #2

Hey all! I am Lucy Resar and I am a fourth year in the college studying Political and Social Thought and Gender Studies. I am from right outside of Baltimore, Maryland (and can confidently say that it’s not all like the wire). Last year, I went to Anza Borrego state park in California and had such an amazing time! When I am not planning this trip or doing classes, you can catch me volunteering with Take Back the Night, hanging out with friends, or working at Slaughter Rec center (come say hi!). I love hiking, live music, road trips, and all things Trader Joes. I’m also always down to talk books or geek out over my Harry Potter obsession with you. Can’t wait to meet y’all soon and have such a fun trip!


Trip Logistics

We will leave Charlottesville very early on March 4th to make our flight out of BWI Airport to LAS. Once we land in Nevada, we will drive to the park, stopping for groceries on the way, and set up camp. The next day is a free day, so we will have time to explore the park and surrounding areas. Monday through Friday, we will be working with the parks service from about 9 to about 4 each day. After that, we will likely do some hiking and sightseeing, then returning to the campsite to cook dinner, do reflections and play some games before bed. On Friday evening, we will pack up as much as we can before leaving super early on Saturday to make our flight from LAS back to BWI and then drive back to Charlottesville late Saturday night to be home by Sunday.

Participant Requirements

We will likely be camping so previous experience with camping is certainly awesome but by no means required. We will also be doing some outdoor service work so an open mind and a good attitude are the only necessary requirements for this trip.

Service Activities

We will be working with the National Parks service at Joshua Tree in whatever capacity they would like us to. This can include many different types of work including working with vegetation, trail
crews, environmental studies or many other types of manual labor. With environmental work there is always something to be done, so there will be no shortage of work assignments for us! :)

Recreational Activities

We will likely be following the recommendations from the park rangers but will certainly include some hikes and other sightseeing activities hopefully daily after the workday. The first day we have free so we will keep this day open in terms of plans so that we can get the group’s input as to what everyone wants to do for recreation on this day.

Community/Area Background

Joshua Tree is 800,000 acres of beautiful terrain and wildlife. The forest and park are home to many birds, mammals, insects, and lizards. This southern californian park will be a great place to explore, hike, give back, camp, and bond on this trip.

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