Johns Island, SC

Site Leaders

Sarah Innis

Saqib Rizvi

Type of Service


Site Partner(s)

Habitat for Humanity



Departure Date


Return Date






Site Leader Description #1

Sarah and Saqib both were participants on the Johns Island trip in 2019 and are excited for Round Two! We are both third year biomedical engineering majors although we only became friends through our awesome ASB trip! Saqib is from Charlottesville and is what you may call a “foodie”. He loves trying new types of food and experimenting a bit here and there with cooking. He is also a huge nerd and has watched every marvel movie twice at the least. He is an RA in Johnson, and treasurer for the Muslim Students association. One of the highlights of his ASB experience last year were life maps where all the participants shared their life stories. He is really looking forward to doing these again and getting to know this year's participants better!!!

Site Leader Description #2

Sarah is from Alexandria, Virginia. When in Charlottesville, she loves to go to every football and basketball game and attend any event where free food is offered. She’s also the treasurer of the women’s club basketball team and has watched every episode of New Girl at least three times. A fun fact is that last year she wrote an ASB application essay on the weirdest places she’s taken naps and she’s most looking forward to not having to write anymore embarrassing essays even if they are as impressive as that one. She’s excited to be working with the Sea Island Habitat people again and to meet our participants!

Trip Logistics

On the morning of Saturday the 7th, we will take the two site leaders’ cars and drive 8 hours to Johns Island, South Carolina. Throughout the week, we will be driving to our site and plan to do some fun activities around the Johns Island area. We will be staying in Habitat for Humanity housing, where we’ll have access to showers, bunk beds, and a kitchen- the housing provided is where we’ll make all of our meals except for when we eat out in Charleston and Folly Beach. Our house is in the Habitat neighborhood, where we’ll likely get to meet volunteers from other university service programs.

Participant Requirements

We will be volunteering for Habitat for Humanity and our project will be whatever Habitat needs help with. We hope our trip members come ready with a positive attitude and willingness to do whatever the team needs! We have a ton of hard work to do, but also lots of great opportunities to bond as a group and explore all that Charleston has to offer.

Service Activities

We will be working with Sea Island Habitat for Humanity which is the third oldest Habitat for Humanity! It has been working for the community of Sea Island since 1978 and since then has built 320 homes. As a part of its mission to work towards a world where everyone has a decent place to live, Sea Island Habitat also has a repair program to help residents in the area who may not qualify to receive a new house. We will be volunteering from 9:00 AM- 4:00 PM Tuesday through Friday.

Recreational Activities

Since we are arriving Saturday evening, we’ll have all of Sunday and most of Monday to explore the Charleston area. As we’ll only be volunteering until 4 for the remaining days, we will also have the evenings free for activities. Some things we have planned are exploring downtown Charleston, viewing the beautiful houses at Rainbow Row, delving into the rich history of Charleston through a tour of Fort Sumter as well as a plantation, engaging the supernatural through a ghost tour and much more!

Community/Area Background

Johns Island is the largest island in South Carolina and is just half an hour away from Charleston. Charleston is known for its charming downtown as well as being a historic center of trade. Visitors of the Johns Island/Charleston area can experience all the things a Southern city has to offer while being around beautiful beaches and natural areas. This has made it an attractive place for people to move and a large tourist destination. Charleston is an area with a rich history and deeply connected local community. Charleston’s appeals have recently led to an influx of higher income residents that are forcing locals to give up their homes and leave the area. We want to be able to enjoy the beauties of Charleston throughout our week but also stay centered on serving the people of the area. We hope to give our participants a full perspective on the history of the city by learning about its background in the Civil War and also visiting a plantation to learn more about slavery in the area. Our work with Habitat will also allow us to engage with the current generation of residents.

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