Hilton Head, SC

Site Leaders

Caroline Caruso

Anthony Murphy-Neilson

Type of Service


Site Partner(s)

Habitat for Humanity Hilton Head

The Outside Foundation



Departure Date


Return Date






Site Leader Description #1

Caroline Caruso is a 2nd year from Chicago, Illinois studying Public Policy and Psychology and considering minoring in French. She traveled to Hilton Head for the first time as a participant on the Hilton Head trip in 2019, where and co-site leader Anthony met! On Grounds, you can find her playing club water polo, cheering on UVA men’s hoops at JPJ, or on an Outdoors Club hike. Caroline also writes humor articles for the Cavalier Daily (but you can be the judge of that). She is a sucker for Kermit the Frog, music festival mosh-pits, sharing spotify playlists, and everything about her hometown of Chi-Town.

Site Leader Description #2

Anthony Murphy-Neilson is a 2nd year from Herndon, Virginia, who is majoring in Environmental Science and is considering doubling it with Music. He visited Hilton Head for the first time on the 2019 ASB trip, totally loved it, and is beyond excited to return as a trip leader. At UVA, he manages to find time for the Charlottesville Symphony Orchestra, Early Music Ensemble, Swing Dance Club, Club Swim, environmental this and that, and a cappella with the HoosITS. A proud Gryffindor (and hopefully not an annoying one), Anthony will talk for hours about the Harry Potter Universe, challenges anyone else to know as much about it, and also loves any sports except golf, any music except country, and any part of Game of Thrones except that last unfortunate season.

Trip Logistics

Our trip will start bright and early on Saturday, March 7th for the 8 hour drive to Hilton Head, South Carolina! We will be using site leaders’ cars for transportation to and from Charlottesville, as well as any excursions. We will return on Saturday, March 15th. Our lodging is provided by Habitat for Humanity, so we’ll be staying in a condo with a kitchen, showers, and access to the beach (!!). We will be able to make breakfast, pack lunches, and have group dinners.

Participant Requirements

We may be building houses with Habitat for Humanity, but don’t worry — no previous construction skills are required! Be prepared to get a little dirty and learn a lot of new skills. Our shifts will start early and can be strenuous, but hard work really pays off when it’s benefitting a fantastic and deserving community like Hilton Head.

Service Activities

We’ll be working with the Hilton Head chapter of Habitat for Humanity on “Phase 2” of a community of houses on the island. This organization builds new homes for families in need, and has constructed over 100 homes in Hilton Head since its establishment in 1990. Our shifts will start at 8 AM and likely end around 2 PM. We will also have the opportunity to work with The Outside Foundation, a local organization focused on educating children and protecting Hilton Head’s ecosystems. In the past, our service for the Outside Foundation included cleanup on smaller outer islands.

Recreational Activities

Most days, our volunteering shifts will end at 2 PM, so we’ll have plenty of time to explore the island and surrounding areas. This includes swimming, biking, mini-golfing, hiking, boat tours, and even kayaking (courtesy of the Outside Foundation).

Community/Area Background

Hilton Head Island’s beautiful beaches and unique environment have made it one of America’s most popular vacation destinations. However, the region’s booming tourism industry has resulted in social and economic disparities between wealthy visitors and native islanders — some of whom have lived in Hilton Head since before the Civil War. The expansion of large resorts and gated communities, coupled with the annual dangers of hurricane season, contributes to the community’s ongoing housing crisis.

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