Congaree, SC

Site Leaders

Emma Clark

Kelly Moore

Type of Service


Site Partner(s)

Congaree National Park



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Site Leader Description #1

Emma is a 2nd year from Chester, Virginia studying Environmental Science. She was a participant on the Portland trip in 2019 and super excited to lead her first trip with her first year roommate, Kelly! She is passionate about houseplants, Cheez-Its, and spreading kindness. :) Around Grounds, Emma has been involved in the Cavalier Daily and other environmental organizations that promote sustainability in cville! In her free time she loves to play tennis, watch Gilmore Girls or old Disney Channel Original Movies, and her favorite stress reliever is walking around Target (everyone should try it). She has never been to Congaree, but she can’t wait to explore a new national park and get her hands dirty for Mother Earth!

Site Leader Description #2

Kelly is a 2nd year from Smithfield, Virginia studying Public Policy. She was a participant on the Savannah trip in 2019 and can’t wait to lead her own trip with her first year roommate, Emma! She is a frequent concert goer, thrift store fanatic, Jeopardy! lover, and Dolly Parton super fan. She has never been to Congaree, but she is excited to volunteer for one of our country’s beautiful National Parks.

Trip Logistics

We will be staying at Congaree National Park on their volunteer group camping grounds. This site has restrooms and shower facilities (yay!), as well as electricity. However, don’t plan on too much time on our phones because we want to be fully *immersed* in nature (and because cell service is super sketchy). We will have our breakfasts and dinners at the camp and pack our lunches to eat at the work site. Our trip will start on the morning of Saturday, March 7th with a 6 hour drive to Congaree National Park. The following Saturday (March 14th) we will return to Charlottesville. Emma and Kelly will both be driving their practically identical silver 2008 Honda Civics for drive down to Congaree, as well as for our day trip to Charleston! Prepare your road trip playlist now ladies and gents.

Participant Requirements

We are going to work hard and we are going to get dirty, so just bring a positive and service driven attitude with you. :)
We hope to make this trip as sustainable as possible, which will require everyone to work together. We might not be 100% sustainable for the entire duration of the trip, but we can try!

Service Activities

Throughout the trip, we will be working with the National Parks Service at Congaree. This organization focuses on specifically protecting and maintaining the natural beauty of this area as well as educating people about the importance of national parks. We plan on volunteering during the day doing various tasks to prepare for the prescribed burn in the park mainly by working on fire preparation lines using backpack blowers, weed eaters and other equipment!

Recreational Activities

During service days, most of our recreational activities will be within the park such as hiking, HAMMOCKING, a guided canoe tour, and general exploring. We have one day totally free during which we’ll go to Charleston, SC and explore the murals, shops, the Angel Oak Tree, other local wonders, and local restaurants (YUM).

Community/Area Background

Congaree National Park is home to the largest expanse of old growth bottomland hardwood forest remaining in the southeastern United States. The trees protected here are some of the tallest and oldest on the east coast, and receive their nutrients from the Congaree River which flows through the park.

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