spring break 2021 update

We are thrilled that over 100 students expressed interest in participating in an Alternative Spring Break trip this year. We have an incredible community of participants, site leaders, and exec members, and we are so excited to welcome and keep these students into our uniquely amazing community!


Unfortunately, UVA announced that there will not be a traditional week-long spring break this coming March. We are as disappointed as anyone to receive this news.

Due to this change in the academic calendar, we regret to announce that we will not offer our traditional ASB trips this spring.

That said, we still plan to offer service learning and bonding opportunities throughout the spring semester. We are in the process of communicating with UVA and consulting as an exec board to plan these opportunities, and we will reach out to you all with updated plans as soon as they are available.


We understand that this isn't the news that anyone wants to receive. Nonetheless, we encourage all of you to stay tuned to hear what kinds of opportunities will be available this spring. In addition to contacting you all directly, we will post all updates to our website and social media pages once they are available. COVID-19 has forced adaptations across every facet of life on Grounds, but we are confident that we can pivot to make the most out of a non-traditional year for ASB!




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